Daiquiri has arrived!

Spring brings warm weather, baby lambs, fresh flowers … and some excellent cocktails!

Who better to turn to for your Spring thirst quencher than the unbelievably satisfying Good Cocktail Co cocktail mixers and their latest addition, the Daiquiri.

Originally created in the early 1900’s, the Daiquiri was known for its sweet beginnings with a punch of lime, finished off with three ounces of white rum poured over cool cut ice. Good Cocktail Co decided to shake things up a bit with their version of a Daiquiri by adding succulent boysenberries and the fashionable fruit yuzu.

Just like the other three flavours in the Good Cocktail Co family, the Daiquiri cocktail mixer can be enjoyed by adding your favourite alcohol, or by itself alcohol free. That’s how versatile these cocktail mixers are. Available at Countdown over Labour weekend - for just $9.99

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